Shannon Reiki Master/Teacher

A Year and a Day Journey ~ Inclusive

Reiki 1 – $250; March 19/20

You begin your journey in the Reiki tradition by learning about the history, how Reiki works, attunements, self-healing techniques and standard treatment for others, the Original Reiki Ideals, the Three Pillars of Reiki and the Five Reiki Objectives.

All levels are taught as a two day intensive. All of the information and techniques are covered.

Reiki 2- $300; June 18/19:
The next level of training is understanding the sacred healing symbols; Divine power, mental/emotional harmony and distant healing, attunements and Japanese Reiki Techniques to assist others in their healing as well as deepening your personal and spiritual experience.

Reiki 3 – $350; September 24/25:
This is the Advanced Reiki level. You receive the Usui Master symbol used to bring powerful healing and grounding energy to whatever or whomever you are offering healing to and the attunement for this level of Reiki, using crystals and a Reiki Crystal Healing Grid. Much meditation is an aspect of this degree and we will spend adequate time developing your healing skills through various meditation techniques as well as Aura Clearing.

Master Teacher Degree – $650; December 17/18:
The Master teacher level of Reiki is a wonderful and sweet experience. You will learn the Tibetan aspects of Reiki, the meditations and symbols associated with the qualities of a true Reiki Master. You will receive your Master attunement as well as learn how to give each level of attunement, including self-attunements and healing attunements. Advanced meditation techniques are also introduced.learing.

Integration – $200; March 18/19, 2023:
We will come together to integrate the lessons, healings and experiences that you have come to understand in this year and a day. We will celebrate each other and the blessed healing energy on the planet with a potluck and sacred ceremony!!!

If paid in advance – $1625= $125 savings

 Contact Shannon Sosebee for registration: (805)216-8675, or www.TheReiki.Center

You may pay by cash, check, debit, credit card or PayPal.

Confirmation of registration is required 7 days prior to class date.


Mar 19 2022


08:00 AM - 06:00 PM


$1625 ($125 savings)


Reiki Living Center
Ventura, CA 93003
Shannon Sosebee


Shannon Sosebee
(805) 216-8675