~ Despacho Ceremony with Q’ero Pacos~

~ Despacho Ceremony with Q’ero Pacos~
Don Juan Apaza Quispe, Karina Davalos Concha and Fanny Concha
This ceremony is handed from the Andean Spiritual Path ✨️ A prayer bundle that aids us to come into right relationships (Ayni) with our dreams and prayers through the offerings to Pachamama (Earth Mother), Apus (Mountain Beings) in alignment with the Uhupacha (lower world), Kaypacha (middle world), Hanapacha (upper world) through Yanqui (power), Munay (love), Yanchii (Intelligence)… we speak and breathe with love, Intention and prayerful purpose acknowledge the Four Corners, the elementals, and all the ingredients of Life that give us the strength to live in harmony and well-being with the ancestors, ancients ones, those who we live with here and now and those yet to be born.
We will then place this despacho into a fire ceremony for pure and rapid transformation. With deep gratitude and love ❤️

The Q’ero, a Quechua-speaking indigenous people of south central Peru, believe that everything in nature is animate and in the concept of ayni, or reciprocity. Andeans practice this principle within their communities, as well as in their interaction with the energies of nature. The two major energies of the natural realm are the Apus, the spirits of the mountains, and Pachamama, the spirit of the Earth. The Q’ero call upon the Apus for guidance and assistance, and rely upon the Pachamama for sustenance and livelihood. One of the ways the Q’ero reciprocate the generosity and guidance given them by a nature spirit is through a despacho ceremony, a perfect expression of ayni. – Shaman’s Market

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Jul 12 2024


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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