~ Teachings with Qero Pacos ~ -Connecting to Pachamama and the Water Workshop-

The Qero live 14,000 ft.+ elevation, one of the harshest climates on Earth. The Qero must live their lives in a way where they are in tune with nature and the elements. It is literally life or death to them. They understand how to be in harmony with Mother Earth (Pachamama).The Qero understand that Pachamama is the great Mother that is loving and caring towards all of her children.

As Westerners, we are not connected to the Pachamama like the Qero. They understand deeply that everything is connected and alive. This living energy is called Kawsay. When we understand how to connect with the Pachamama and the energy of Kawsay, we learn that this living energy is both healing and loving.

This workshop will teach you how to connect with Pachamama. We will learn about Kawsay, and how to connect in Munay (love grounded in will) to Mother Earth. The Qero will teach us techniques on how to open our hearts, cleanse our energy bodies, and develop a harmonious relationship with the Pachamama so that we know that we are held as her children.

We will also be connecting with Mama Cocha- the Pacific Ocean, and receive blessings to our blood and bones, to make a deeper connection to the waters that flow within us and in nature. These exercises give us Kallpa, strength and the ability to find our place in this world.

Cost $350

9am-5pm both days

Our dear teachers ❤️

About Don Juan Apaza Quispe
Born in Qollpacochu, a remote village in Hatun Q’eros, Juan is a knowledgeable Pampamesayok Paqo healer, teacher, leader, father and grandfather. He is here to teach us how to source from Pachamama and Wiracocha( great Spirit)through the wisdom of the heart.
Karina Davalos Concha
Born in Cusco, raised with grandparents from Mollepata, Karina spent many years with her grandparents learning Quechua and how to perform ceremonies and connect with the Pachamama. Karina, worked as an interpreter for Alberto Villoldo. During this time, Don Manuel Quispe, Don Mariano Apaza, Don Umberto and Dona Bernardina became her mentors. As they connected her to the Apus, she heard her calling to become a healer and ceremonialist ( Paqo). Today she works as an interpreter, guide, healer and teacher to people all around the world.
Fanny Concha
The youngest sister of Karina and born in Cusco, Fanny has followed in her sisters footsteps. Working for Alberto Villoldo, she received her first initiation with Don Mariano Quispe in 2007. Don Juan Apaza Quispe and his wife Maria, further initiated Fanny onto the Pampamesyok path. Fanny is both healer an artist.


Jul 13 - 14 2024


9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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